Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strange Music and 368 Music Group Presents ''He Said; She Said''

So we went to go check out this showcase ''He Said; She Said'' hosted by ''Judah'' and feat. performances by ''Phil Ade'' and ''RAtheMC'' at Palace 5ive. The event was mad fun. Everyone came out to have fun and listen to good music. I was kind of curious at how they were gonna be able to have such a big event in a store but P5 made it happen, and it couldnt have happend any better.

Lots of people came out, of course Syce Game, Tabi Bonney, Sky Republic, Lyriciss, Nando Mcfly, 368 Music Group, Reggie Black, Marcus ''MC'' Charles, The crew from Cmonwealth, Stussy, Durkl & more. all together for one reason. To support music/talent in the DMV.

Outside view of Palace 5ive

Inside the Event

Phil Ade and RAtheMC performing

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DC Girls Cant Party

So while browsing my facebook, i came across Dubb B's status stating DC grls dont know how to party.
I agreed off the back!
DC has the biggest population of Fake Females in the US.
To tell u the truth, BMORE grls take the cake, by far.
keep doin yall thang BMORE.
oh but none the less, yall bama population outweighs every otha city. lol

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yung Reek's ''Charge it to the Game'' Video Shoot

Yung Reek of Syce Game Ent. did his first video shoot to one of his songs titled ''Charge it To the Game'' feat. Darell Rose. The video process wasn't as long as expected and everything went very smooth. So definetly be on the look out for that video.

Listen to ''Charge it to the Game''

Yung Reek's:




Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look what P5 Got (The Hundreds 26in PK Ripper)

According to them, there is only 300 in existence. Kinda makes you wanna ride bikes again doesn't it

via. Palace5ive

G.I Joe: The Movie

So we went to see G.I Joe: The Movie

It was pretty good. The only downside was that they waisted all the best parts in the movie in the trailer, but definetly a must see for those who enjoyed the old classic cartoon.

Click Here for Trailer: